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What Makes Life Meaningful

What Makes Life Meaningful?

Part of the human condition is to find meaning in our existences- we’re hardwired for it. And when we don’t feel we have it, things tend to go downhill (or feel that way, at least). We lose interest in our days and our journeys and we kind of go into auto-pilot. In my experience, the […]

Finding (And Holding Onto) Contentment

When you Google the definition of contentment, you’ll see that it is defined as a state of happiness and satisfaction. Sounds like the kind of state we’d all like to be in permanently, right? To always feel good, right where we are, never wondering what it might be like if we were somewhere else. I […]

My Daily (Clean) Skincare Routine

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally managed to find a clean skincare routine that really works for me. Not only does it leave my skin feeling hydrated (I tend to be on the dry/flaky side), it’s also made up of products that are formulated with clean ingredients.  Finding clean products and developing an […]