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I got covid: here's what happened

I Got Covid: Here’s What Happened

So, after nearly 2 years of being able to avoid this damn thing (by staying home, eating outdoors, getting vaccinated, and so on and so on), it finally happened. I got Covid. At this point I feel like it was more a matter of when, not if, so I wasn’t super surprised or panicked. I […]

Reflections from 2021

Reflections from 2021

Written the week before the New Year: Moo’s currently laying on the wood floor beside me. Sprawled out under a ray of sun that’s shining through the glass door. She looks so peaceful and content. To spend her day just like any other. Have you ever stayed home with your animals and just observed them? […]

Shame Takes You Out of the Game

Don’t Let Shame Take You Out of the Game

This week I listened to an episode of the Goop podcast with Glennon Doyle. I love Glennon. The words she writes speak right to my soul. I have so much admiration for her as a person, the way she lives her life, and the way she expresses it to the world, so of course I […]