3 Things To Help You Stay Present

3 Things To Help You Stay Present 

Do you ever wonder why time starts to speed up so much as we get older? I’ve heard a few different reasons for this, like that our reference of time changes as we get older and days feel shorter because we’ve lived more of them. But the one that rings truest for me is that, […]

My Current Favorite Mood Boosters

My Current Favorite Mood Boosters

Life has felt a bit chaotic lately and I’ve been experimenting with ways to change my environment so that I feel more motivated and uplifted throughout the day. It can feel at times like there are so many little things to do, and I start to get wrapped up in the feeling of overwhelm that […]

Weddings When You've Lost a Parent

Weddings When You’ve Lost a Parent

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- weddings are stressful. And what’s more stressful? The planning. Yet we dive right in and move forward because of how special they end up being. What’s that saying? Nothing in life worth having comes easy? That’s true for so many things in life- weddings included (and […]

Wedding Recap: Part 3

Wedding Recap: Part 3

Okay we’ve made it to the third (and final) part of the wedding recap (phew!). This was the part that everything the last 2 years had been leading up to. As I waited my turn, I watched our wedding party pair up and start walking down. My mom followed, and that was my cue to […]

Wedding Recap: Part 2

Wedding Recap: Part 2

So, now that you know all about our travels to San Diego and the events leading up to our wedding, I can take you through the actual wedding day. And let me tell you- it was magical. Seriously best day of our life- so far. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel the day […]

Wedding recap: part 1


Hi! This is the first post I’ve written in almost 2 months, since before my bachelorette party. What’s wild to me is that it feels like forever ago, and yet also like no time has passed at all. And now it’s been exactly one whole month since our wedding! So wild. Between all the travel, […]

Managing Travel Anxiety

Managing Travel Anxiety: My Best Tips

So I’m headed to Austin tomorrow for my bachelorette weekend (eeeek!!). As excited as I am, I have to admit I’m a little anxious too. Leaving home for an extended period of time always makes me feel a little on edge, and so does flying. Not a huge fan of either, yet I manage to […]

How to fast track your mental bounce back

How To Fast Track Your Mental Bounce Back

So I know I mentioned last week that I had been feeling fairly sluggish. Traveling + big life events means lack of sleep and lots of emotions, which left me exhausted. Which is weird, because I expected to feel the exact opposite in this moment in time. We’re 31 days out from the wedding now […]

How To Deal When You're Sentimental AF

How To Deal When You’re Sentimental AF

This past week I felt pretty sluggish. There’s been a lot of emotions to process with all the wedding festivities starting to happen/getting closer and it’s making me a bit of an emotional wreck to say the least lol. Not totally in a bad way, I’m just super sentimental and I spend a lot of […]

What Is Meant For You Will Always Find You

What Is Meant For You Will Always Find You

You know the feeling when you want something SO bad and you hope and pray it works out exactly like you’ve dreamed? Question… has it ever worked? Has it ever turned out EXACTLY like you pictured? Was it worse? Or.. was it better? Life is full of lessons, but one of my favorites (and most […]


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