I got covid: here's what happened

I Got Covid: Here’s What Happened

So, after nearly 2 years of being able to avoid this damn thing (by staying home, eating outdoors, getting vaccinated, and so on and so on), it finally happened. I got Covid. At this point I feel like it was more a matter of when, not if, so I wasn’t super surprised or panicked. I […]

Reflections from 2021

Reflections from 2021

Written the week before the New Year: Moo’s currently laying on the wood floor beside me. Sprawled out under a ray of sun that’s shining through the glass door. She looks so peaceful and content. To spend her day just like any other. Have you ever stayed home with your animals and just observed them? […]

Shame Takes You Out of the Game

Don’t Let Shame Take You Out of the Game

This week I listened to an episode of the Goop podcast with Glennon Doyle. I love Glennon. The words she writes speak right to my soul. I have so much admiration for her as a person, the way she lives her life, and the way she expresses it to the world, so of course I […]

The struggle is the point

The Struggle Is The Point

This past week was a good one. Dan had a week off and we got to go to the mountain, celebrate Thanksgiving, go on a couple dates and relax at home. And, as nice as all of this was, I also felt a lot of heartache. I saw multiple posts on social media about people […]

Cures for the post-trip blues

Cures For The Post-Trip Blues

This past weekend Dan and I and some friends of ours took a quick little trip to a hot springs, in a cute little mountain town about 3 hours outside of Denver, called Glenwood Springs. For my West Coast friends, you actually pass it on your drive out to Denver. I’d highly recommend staying a […]

Loving yourself at every stage part 2

Loving Yourself At Every Stage: Part 2

Toward the end of this same year is when I took the next step in my journey and decided to go off the pill. Within a few weeks the weight that hadn’t been coming off with all the other lifestyle changes I’d made, started to melt away. I lost 10 pounds almost instantly. But see, […]

Loving yourself at every stage

Loving Yourself At Every Stage Part 1

I know this title “loving yourself at every stage” is a little vague, so let me explain what I mean by it. I originally wanted to write a post about my journey with weight loss, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how my weight loss really had very little to […]

How To Stop Worrying When You Embarrass Yourself

How To Stop Worrying When You Embarrass Yourself

Earlier today I was on a call for work, and I asked a question at the wrong time. I felt SO embarrassed about it. All kinds of thoughts flooded in: did I make the other person feel uncomfortable? Do they think I’m incompetent? How will they feel working with me moving forward? Did I hurt […]

3 Things To Help You Stay Present

3 Things To Help You Stay Present 

Do you ever wonder why time starts to speed up so much as we get older? I’ve heard a few different reasons for this, like that our reference of time changes as we get older and days feel shorter because we’ve lived more of them. But the one that rings truest for me is that, […]

My Current Favorite Mood Boosters

My Current Favorite Mood Boosters

Life has felt a bit chaotic lately and I’ve been experimenting with ways to change my environment so that I feel more motivated and uplifted throughout the day. It can feel at times like there are so many little things to do, and I start to get wrapped up in the feeling of overwhelm that […]


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