The Beginning of My Hair Growth Journey

My hair growth journey

I’m at the beginning of my hair growth journey (the beginning of actively trying to make it grow, anyway). I asked you guys on IG stories last week for your best hair growth tips, and, by no surprise, this was a popular topic with many different approaches. Thank you for all of your incredibly helpful input! I also shared that my goal is to grow my hair out at least another inch or so by my 30th birthday, in May. I considered extensions, but my hair salon gave me a price estimate of $1,350… yeah freaking right haha. So now I’m on a mission to baby my hair, just like I do my skin, in hopes of getting it to grow long and strong. Here’s my favorite tips you guys sent that I’ll be trying these next few months:

Trim your hair frequently 

This was a big one, and one that I am not very good at lol. The last hair cut I got was June of last year, so, thanks to your advice, I’ve scheduled a trim for tomorrow afternoon. I think what I’ll start doing is going every 3 months (4 times a year), and every other visit I’ll color my hair too. That’s what I used to do before covid, so I suppose it’s probably time I get back to that! 

Rosemary/argan oil as a weekly scalp/hair mask 

The same night I started getting your responses was the same night I tried this tip for the first time- I couldn’t wait! I ordered rosemary oil and then used the argan oil I had from Trader Joe’s (the best!) to smother my hair in hydration. I used to use this oil as the last step of my nightly skincare routine before switching to another oil- not sure why I never thought to do the same for my hair, it makes so much sense! Once the rosemary oil comes in, I think I’ll start applying that to the scalp on nights before hair-washing day (probably once a week), and letting it sit overnight. I’ll also apply the argan oil to the ends each night as well and see how that helps too (another tip from you guys).

Scalp massage

I have this little silicone scalp massager thing that I use every time I shampoo my hair, but I’ve only used it for like 20 seconds at a time. And what I learned last week is that this is nowhere near enough. 5 minutes is what you’re aiming for with scalp massage, to help circulation and exfoliate the scalp so more hair can grow. I’m starting to do this while I have my conditioner in, so that I don’t add too much time to my shower. Not trying to be in there for 40 minutes..or longer lol. 

Apply Olaplex No. 6 and 7 to damp hair before styling 

So I’m hearing more and more that Olaplex has mixed reviews, and that if you use it too much it can actually have negative effects. So I’m using the shampoo and conditioner whenever my hair is feeling damaged, (the other times I plan to still use the products I listed here), and then putting the No. 6 and 7 styling cream and hair oil in, along with my Magic Myst heat protectant, before styling. I did this after my last shower and my hair feels so soft and happy. 

One other tip I’m considering is to not use any heat on my hair for extended periods of time…which is a tough one for me lol. I’ll let you know if I give it a try. I know it can make a huge difference, I just love my hair styled so much more!

I’ve got 4 months to make some magic happen and I have faith I can do it- will keep you updated on my hair growth journey! Wish me luck and if you’ve got more tips/advice (especially any other great shampoos and conditioners) send them my way!

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