Navigating the In-Between

Navigating the in-between

Not sure about you guys, but I’ve been feeling a little off as of late. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a way where I feel like I’m rediscovering who I am. Like the things that I used to do or like have changed and I am not quite sure what they are yet. Like when I get dressed or listen to music, I often don’t know where to begin on choosing what’s going to best fit my vibe at that given moment. The things that used to inspire and excite me no longer do the same thing they used to, and I’ve gotta say…it feels pretty strange- like I’m navigating the in-between.

You know those moments in life when you’ve felt super in tune with who you are and the path you’re on? Yeah, I’ve felt that many times, but it hasn’t come around for a bit. And I’m not trying to say that all of a sudden I am becoming a completely different person and that I no longer like any of the things I used to- I do! But it’s in a different way- a nostalgic way- and I am looking for what fits me now. Like in the way that I style something, the way I practice self care, the music that I listen to, etc.

And I think part of it is how much I’ve been looking outwards for answers. I haven’t been listening to my inner voice, because I haven’t been taking the time to tune in to what she has to say. I’ve been so busy and constantly in a “get things done” mode, that she’s taken a back seat and is waiting for me to realize how much I need her. Well, I’ve realized it. That inner voice is what teaches us self love, confidence, peace and stillness. And we need those things to show up in the world as our best selves.

I feel like the message of how important self love is keeps popping up in my life, and I’m starting to connect the dots. How can you grow into the person you’re becoming, if you don’t spend the time to love this you first? How are you supposed to know who you’re becoming, if you don’t trust yourself enough to listen to that inner, guiding voice? It’s felt like I’ve been on auto-pilot, living life in the way I have been for however long, and it’s time to switch things up a bit- in how I show up for myself, and how I show up in the world.

It’s all stuff I’m figuring out while I’m in what I’ve decided to call the “in-between.” Like I am in a chapter of my life that feels like filler- nothing of huge significance, but between two parts of incredible significance. And, as I type this, I’m having an epiphany: No stage is an in-between stage. It is all relevant, necessary, and a part of the larger picture. Transitional seasons feel a bit unsteady, but they are what gets us to the next point, and we must find a way to appreciate and enjoy them, too. 

We can’t wish time to move faster so we can get to the next exciting thing- the lesson we’re supposed to learn is in this moment in time- right here, right now- when things feel uncertain and unknown. This is what tests us. This is what helps us grow into the selves we are becoming. And, if there’s any lesson I’ve learned in life, it’s that the seasons you sometimes can’t wait to move on from, are some of the ones you end up missing the most.

I feel challenged right now to enjoy this phase of uncertainty- who am I? What is my next step in life? These are questions that will figure themselves out, but the more I question it and focus on this feeling, I suspect the longer it will stay.

It’s okay to not have the answer to everything, and it’s crucial that we show ourselves love regardless- answers or not. Catch yourself in the negative self talk about your situation, yourself, etc. and flip the narrative. This moment in time is all a part of a grander scheme- one that is working in your favor. Trust the process- it will all make sense on a day that’s coming much sooner than you think. 

Did you relate to any of this? Would love to hear your experiences and lessons from times like this in your own life!

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