Checking Back In

Checking back in

So, as many of you probably know by now, Dan and I recently bought a home. Our offer was accepted in January, we closed in February, and we moved in March. Then we proceeded to host family and travel to see friends and family over the next 6 weeks- which is why I figured I’d write this post to check back in with you guys and let you know what’s been happening. 

And I’ll start by saying that it kinda feels like we’ve been in a transition period since January. 3 months of big decisions, a big move and lots of traveling. And while it’s all been incredibly exciting and this really is such a beautiful season of life, we are SO ready for things to settle down. We’ve barely even had the chance to just sit in our living room to watch a TV show and relax. And it makes you realize how grateful you are for the little things in life- like being cozy in your own home.

It’s been a bit hectic, and that goes especially for these past 6 weeks. Between the things I mentioned above, plus both of us trying to stay on top of work, me keep up with this blog, Dan keep up with homework, plus just the usual life stuff- it’s been a LOT. There’s been a few tearful breakdowns and anxiety (talk about feeling burnt out-that’ll be for another post, coming soon), but there’s also been tears of happiness, amazing memories made, and moments filled with calm and gratitude.

And, in the beginning of it all, moving to this new place was tough because the transition period makes it impossible to feel cozy in your own home. You don’t have a place to go where you can relax and feel at peace, because there’s so much moving and unpacking to do before that can happen. So you just unpack and unpack and unpack until finally the last box is emptied and then.. you’re home. You can sit back and enjoy yourself and start bringing those cozy vibes in again. 

So that’s where we are now (6 weeks later)- post moving and unpacking and settling and now we get to move onto the fun stuff: making it our own! So far Dan and I both have said that this place feels even homier that we imagined it would. I love this place and this neighborhood so much and I can’t believe this is really our home! 

I feel super lucky that the previous owners picked everything out the way they did. They chose white cabinets, tall quartz countertops, a gas stove… all things I had on my wish list. Which makes this part of the process even better- all the big stuff is done, so we can just have fun with some of the cosmetic aspects. 

Over the next year we’ll likely change out the backsplash in the kitchen, get a new kitchen faucet, change the light fixture and other fixtures in the guest bath, order a new couch, get a dining table, install an electric fireplace and add some more greenery. 

And that’s just part of the list I’ve got going…lol. It’s fun to be somewhere you actually want to invest in. I will keep you guys updated on the journey here and through IG, and will be sure to take lots of before and afters. Will also probably be asking you for your opinion too when I’m having trouble with decisions haha so stay tuned! 

Here’s to finally settling in to our next chapter  💗

Have you recently gone through any major life changes/been super freaking busy? Would love to hear your experiences and any advice you have! 

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