Tips for Moving (From the Worst Mover Ever)

Tips for moving

As many of you probably know by now, I hate moving. Like…despise it. And I know I am not alone on this one. It sucks having your belongings all over the place and out of order without a home. And, while you’re in it, you feel like you have an extra full-time job. Even when you’re off work, you still have to go home and do more work, but, before you know it, you’re done! Everything has a home again and you’re settled and it feels SO good. And you forget about it until the next time you’re forced to think about it again- which, in my case, has been (on average) once a year since I was 18. And, while I am very OVER it, I also know that it is a part of life. And that, just like with anything else, the more we do it, the better we can get at it. I’m trying to develop more of a strategy this time around, we go- my tips for moving:

Use and label boxes

So, in the past, I’ve rarely used actual moving boxes. Don’t ask me why. I truly have no idea. Laziness maybe? Naivety that never went away, even when it was proven wrong? You know that feeling of thinking you don’t have a lot of stuff until you have to move? Yeah, I’m hit over the head with that like literally every.single.time. It’s usually a huge shock somehow, but not this time! At the age of 28 I have finally accepted the fact that I do actually have quite a lot of shit and that I need to plan accordingly. So, step one: use boxes and label them by room.

Ask for help

I know we may not all have the means to hire actual movers, but if you have a couple friends willing to help for some pizza and beer and a little cash, it will make your life SO much easier. Moving on your own is absolute hell and no one should have to do it. I actually don’t know how some do. Extra hands will lead to less stress, things getting done faster, and much less physical labor/pulled muscles for you.

Do as much as you can before moving day 

So again, that feeling of being surprised at how much shit you have- we want to avoid that as much as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is to get in front of it. Acknowledge that you’re a borderline hoarder- say it loud and proud! And then get to work. Put all that shit into their designated boxes, tape them and label them. Your friends or the movers you hire will be seriously impressed, and you won’t have anything to feel bad about. Sure, you have a lot of shit, but at least it’s organized shit. So THERE. 

Try to make it fun

Moving is a miserable task that luckily we don’t have to do all that often (hopefully), but we can still make it fun while we do. Blast music, drink some wine, listen to a podcast, crack up at some of the ridiculous, useless things you’ve held on to for way too long. Yes, you have no other option than to make this moving thing happen, but the sooner you get it done the sooner it will be over and you can move on with the rest of your life (that will probably include more moves, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there). May as well make this moment as enjoyable as possible and just plow through. 

I know it is a HUGE privilege to be moving from one home to another, and to be doing so with all of our fur babes and belongings safely in tow. In no way am I saying I am ungrateful for that, but you do have to admit that moving is a TASK. One that I do not partake in fondly. I think the best overarching advice I can give you is to do what you can to shift your perspective. Remember how much you have to be grateful for, try to make it fun, and know that it will all soon be over. And, before you know it, you’ll be coasting right along into your next life chapter- and that’s pretty damn exciting.

We’re moving this weekend, so I’ll let you know how these tips for moving actually pan out- I may just be completely full of shit here, but let’s hope not. Happy moving!

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  1. Incredibly relevant and good reminders since I’m moving myself right now! Thanks Sarah 🙂

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