My 3 Favorite Women-Owned Clothing Brands

Women-Owned Clothing Brands

If you follow me on Instagram, this post probably comes as no surprise- I tag these brands all the time and have been for a while. The past couple of years I’ve been learning more about the fast fashion industry and the importance of spending your money in places that hold the same ideals as you. And for me, that has meant finding smaller brands that I truly love to wear AND love to support. When we support brands like these ones below, not only are we helping the world become a better place sustainability-wise, we’re also helping people fulfill their dreams. Enter: my 3 favorite women-owned clothing brands:


This brand was started by Lily Adel, whose style I really admire. She keeps things simple and classic, while adding her own edge to everything she puts together. She’s done many stories on Instagram where she takes you through her closet and shows you everything she has at the moment- she loves a good closet clean out and keeping things up to date- only holding onto what she loves and can build looks from that actually make her feel like.. her. 

I’ve never been the best at keeping my closet this way, but it’s something I’m working on. She’s all about the idea that less is more- less to buy = less to think about when putting an outfit together which = an amazing outfit every time.

Her bodysuits really speak to this sentiment, in that they look so good with so much. There’s long sleeves, tees, tanks, and dresses, and you can mix and match them in endless ways. These closet staples are ones you’ll never regret buying, and that you’ll keep wearing over and over and over. And what makes this brand even better? All items are made in and ship from LA. Check them out here. 


I discovered Skatie in 2020 when The Salty Blonde collaborated on a collection with them- and I’ve been hooked ever since. They’re all about making their products in small batches and using only surplus and recycled materials. They source their manufacturers locally and only use compostable packaging and mailers. And with all this… they make BEAUTIFUL swimwear, loungewear and activewear. 

Skatie is a staple in my closet and everyday outfits, especially in the warmer weather. Everything they make has an incredible fit that compliments your body, rather than making you feel like you have to fit into some stupid standard. Seriously, order a bathing suit and you’ll never go back to anything else. I feel better in these swimsuits than in any other brand, and I have a feeling you’ll feel the same. Check their stuff out here.

Wayward & Wild 

This brand was started by two women (one of them being one of my best friends from high school, Kolbi) back in 2016, and it’s grown so much since then. Now Kolbi runs it herself, with help from her family, and puts so much care into what she creates- from the designs featured by independent artists, the materials she chooses to print them on, the manufacturers she sources from, what the mailers are made of, and how she shows up in her community- she’s bringing awareness to the power of women in business, the importance of getting outdoors, and doing our part to keep those outdoors a beautiful place to be.

You’ll find lots of activewear and loungewear options on her site, pretty much anything you’d need to get outdoors in any climate, or to stay cozy in at home. I love the sweatshirts and hoodies (so does Dan!), and her tees and beanies. Check out her stuff here. 

And check out some of my favorite pieces from each brand here.

What are some of your favorite women-owned clothing brands? Would love to discover more!

Wearing a Skatie swimsuit in the picture above. Here’s links to the top and bottoms. I wear size small in both- runs TTS.

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