We GET to do This

We get to do this

Last week I wasn’t feeling well and never got around to writing this week’s post (hence why it’s being posted a little late). So I wrote a little something on Sunday, but that mostly just came out as gibberish. It was about how I’d begun last week overwhelmed, but felt back on top of things by Sunday, and the journey between the two. But by Monday I was already feeling overwhelmed again, and that post no longer felt relevant. How can I encourage others to not feel overwhelmed when I myself feel it more often than not? 

Yesterday I took a drive to run a quick errand, and the change of scenery changed everything. I had been stuck in my own head, in my own world, not looking beyond my thoughts at all the magic occurring around me: I woke up today. I can breathe, stretch, brush my teeth, walk… all the things we do everyday that get taken for granted. 

And then it hit me… that shift in perspective- I GET to do these things. I GET to live this life. I get to do all the things I usually don’t think twice about, the things that overwhelm me, the things that scare me. I get to do ALL of it. 

Imagine if one day you woke and you could no longer walk. You couldn’t just jump out of bed and go anywhere without assistance from something other than your own two feet. How much would you then wish to be able to do the things you’re currently loathing? I’d bet you’d wish for them more than anything. 

This week we’ve got lots going on, particularly closing on our first home! We are ecstatic, but overwhelmed by all the paperwork, last minute decisions, all the little rules to follow, and the fact that this will be the biggest purchase of our lives so far. It’s a huge deal and the enormity of it sinks in more and more each day. But so does the excitement. And the dreams. And the fact that we GET to do this! When we boil it down to how blessed we are to even be in this position… it changes everything. 

Suddenly the burdens don’t feel so heavy. Hope and excitement take their rightful positions, front and center. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but sometimes I like to think of what I might say about certain situations, if I were on my deathbed. The Sarah- many, many years from now- who has so much more appreciation for the things that truly matter, and has the perspective to know not to sweat the small stuff. Because she knows it will all work out. I like her. And I listen to her. 

This week, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe try listening to that wiser version of yourself, too. Remember that in the midst of this life, it’s easy to lose focus of the bigger picture. We get so caught up in the little details that we forget to appreciate it for what it all actually means: that we’re LIVING. We’re chasing dreams and making ourselves and others proud, and helping one another along in our journeys. That’s an incredibly beautiful thing- and something to most definitely not lose sight of. 

We GET to do this. And here we are, DOING it. It doesn’t get better than that 🙂

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  1. My mom used to use that perspective. “You get to go to work” or ” I get to pay estimated taxes”. Such a wonderful way of looking at the world. Being in the last third of my life it becomes more and more relevant. I’m glad you figured it out so young and reminded me to be grateful every day for what I can do.

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