I Got Covid: Here’s What Happened

I got covid: here's what happened

So, after nearly 2 years of being able to avoid this damn thing (by staying home, eating outdoors, getting vaccinated, and so on and so on), it finally happened. I got Covid. At this point I feel like it was more a matter of when, not if, so I wasn’t super surprised or panicked. I also know I’m lucky to have the luxury of viewing it this way since I am low-risk and have health insurance. This isn’t a case to run off and get Covid ASAP, or to not take it seriously, but I do have to say I was a bit relieved when I finally got that positive test. Every other test I’ve taken has come back negative and was welcomed by a sigh of relief. But this time was different. I felt ready. I had mentally prepared myself for 2 years, the virus had mutated enough for it to become less severe (hopefully), and I was tired of always feeling like I was running from this invisible monster. I got Covid: Here’s what happened.


The first symptoms I had were a headache and scratchy throat. Nothing I thought much of, considering I’d felt that many times in my life, completely unrelated to Covid. I took some vitamin c and went about my day (at home). 


I woke up with my throat feeling even more sore, and that’s when I knew I was definitely sick. I decided to self-quarantine and wear a mask whenever I went elsewhere in the house. I searched for a place to take a test, but couldn’t find one anywhere within the next day or two. Dan finally found a drive-thru option that would give us results within 3-5 days- better than nothing. While we were out for the test, my headache came back, my body began to ache and all I wanted to do was get back in bed. When we finally got home I barely had the energy to take a hot shower, throw on my softest pair of sweats and crawl into bed. I let the fever ride for a few hours and then finally took NyQuil so I could fall asleep. This night was for sure the worst.


I woke up sans headache, chills and fever. And though I wasn’t completely out of the woods yet, I felt like I was the healthiest person in the world lol. Nothing like feeling like absolute shit to make you really appreciate your health. I spent most of the day in bed and, anytime I did get up to do something, would quickly lose energy. That night the aches and headache came back, so I took the hint and went to sleep.


I still hadn’t gotten my test results back, but I was still self-quarantining and spent most of this day in bed binge-watching TV. I didn’t have much energy and was very intentional about taking it easy.


This was the day I finally got my results back- Covid detected. That feeling of relief washed over me and I couldn’t help but feel comforted in the fact the worst was over. I had also been worried about the cats getting it, but they never did. All my worst fears hadn’t come true. Unfortunately, this was also the day Dan got symptoms-scratchy throat and chills. But this meant we could now hang together, which we quickly took advantage of. Feeling like shit with someone else is much better than feeling like shit alone. 


Still exhausted, a cough was the only other symptom left.


Still exhausted, tried to do too much and lost my energy.


Still exhausted, stayed in bed all day.


FINALLY feeling more like myself.

Friday (today)

Think I MIGHT be completely over it?? Have a slight headache so maybe still a bit on the mend, but either way I am feeling good and I am so dang grateful. Now I have cramps LOL of course, but that’s an easier one to deal with/predict. I am just happy to be nearing the end of this whole ordeal and am excited to have it over with. And to feel like a normal human again. Also to get dressed and put makeup on. 

I can’t wait to take on next week and approach life with a revived appreciation for routine and normalcy. It’s good to have moments of rest, but it certainly makes you miss getting ready and interacting with the outside world. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy and taking care of YOU. And, if you do happen to come down with Covid (like every other person on the planet rn), know you are not alone. It can really suck for sure, but once you’re in it just try to focus on rest, recovery and making yourself feel as good as possible. Watch movies (here’s my fav), take lots of hot showers, light some candles, drink electrolytes, thank your body for all the hard work it’s doing, and remember, this too shall pass <3 

Have you been hit with Covid? What was your experience like?

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