Wedding Recap: Part 2

Wedding Recap: Part 2

So, now that you know all about our travels to San Diego and the events leading up to our wedding, I can take you through the actual wedding day. And let me tell you- it was magical. Seriously best day of our life- so far. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel the day of our wedding. I always thought I’d be a chill bride who had prepared everything super in advance so that I wouldn’t have a thing to worry about day of. Boy was I wrong lol. Well, not entirely. I’d like to think I was pretty chill, but I was definitely nervous too. I felt this way up until I saw Dan for the first time, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Here’s the wedding recap, part 2:

I’ll start with the moment I ended my last post with: waking up in our hotel. We woke up at 7am and first thing I saw, right in front of me, was a big blue sky, tall skinny palm trees swaying in the wind, a little morning dew on the window pane and the big beautiful ocean crashing against the shore. I got up to get a better look and saw people running along the boardwalk. I thought, “for them, today is probably just another ordinary day..but for me? IT’S MY WEDDING DAY!!” 

Through the lack of sleep induced grogginess, I pulled myself together and woke my friends up. They were real troopers and got up with me so we could all start the day together. Hair and makeup were knocking on our door at 8am, and after that it was a whirlwind of people coming and going as we all got ready. I felt like I had SO many things to do, but in reality it was just writing my vows in a booklet (I’d already written them in my phone) and doing hair and makeup. I mean, looking back more, I suppose there were many other things that needed to be done- little details that could easily be forgotten (writing cards, giving gifts, making sure I was ready on time, capturing all the special moments, doing my makeup that one certain way, etc., etc.), but my nerves were what really made it all feel so overwhelming. 

I was so nervous and excited that my stomach felt turned upside down for a good portion of the day. It was weird not seeing Dan all day and dealing with these feelings without him. I wrote my vows in the outdoor cafe at the hotel. Birds were chirping, the sun was starting to get real hot, and I remember my hands shaking as I wrote. They probably look like a five year old wrote them lol but they got the job done!! 

Another anxiety-filled moment was doing my own winged eyeliner (such difficult things I dealt with that day…hahaha). I did one eye and then had to take a breather before moving onto the next, I was THAT nervous. I’d done this eyeliner a thousand times before, but something about it being for my wedding definitely added pressure. Funnily enough, when my false eyelashes went on you couldn’t really see the eyeliner anyways, so -note to self- save yourself the trouble and don’t freak about your eyeliner being perfect if you plan to wear false eyelashes. 

I finally started feeling less anxious once everyone was ready. The mimosa I had may also have helped lol. During this time, the photographer and videographer came in and started snapping shots which brought a whole new energy. Things started feeling like they were moving more quickly- the time FLEW. 

Side note- make sure you ask someone to get food for your group for when you’re getting ready. You won’t feel like eating and it’ll be the last thing you think about, but seriously it’s so important. Don’t need anyone passing out at the altar. AND make sure you put a good playlist on while getting ready- seriously it’ll set the tone for your day. I loved the vibe so much I took a random video of the moment while I was getting my hair done. Just never wanna forget it 🙂 

Before we left for the venue we got some group photos on the hotel bed in our bridesmaid robes (basic I know- but also amazing. Cannot wait to see them!). We even got Remi up on the bed with us in her little flower girl outfit (here’s a pic of her– SO CUTE). She loved the attention- was living her best life for sure. Then I popped some champagne for the photos and hit a bridesmaid in the face with the cork HAHA whoops. Like I said, these girls were troopers. 

I got in my dress, took more pictures (of course), put on the final details, and then we were off! Ubered to my wedding in a full on wedding gown haha. Once we got there I snuck into the bridal suite so Dan wouldn’t see me, and that’s when I really started to feel nervous. I swear I didn’t notice one damn detail until I took a moment to breath, drink a white claw and look around. It was all so beautiful. 

I could hear our officiant and DJ doing soundcheck, people outside fixing last minute details, the guys doing who knows what. And there we were, my bridesmaids and I, waiting for the ceremony to begin. I cannot say enough how amazing my bridesmaids were. There was a point, while waiting in the bridal suite, when I needed lash glue, tweezers and tissue. Within our group at least one of them had one of those things. And they weren’t only great because they’re all basically Mary Poppins, they’re great because of the wonderful people I know them to be. I am seriously so damn lucky to have each of them in my life. 

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, it was time for the first look. Dan hadn’t been sure he wanted to do a first look, but once we did we were so grateful. The nerves melted away for both of us after that. It’s so strange having this person in your life who you go to for everything and vice versa, and on the biggest day of your lives you only get to see each other for the last half of it. We did it this way because it felt like it’d be fun, and I don’t regret it, but I also wouldn’t try to sell anyone else on going that route. I think there’s also something very romantic about waking up next to your person on your big day and spending a moment together to take it all in before the craziness begins. 

I would, however, if you don’t see one another in the morning, recommend doing a first look. It was such a sweet moment. We both cried and laughed and looked at each other awkwardly as more pictures were taken. We didn’t know what to do or say. I think both of us were just so overwhelmed and couldn’t believe we were actually finally in that moment. It was one of my favorite parts of the day. 

After our first look, it was time to go back and wait for the ceremony. And then FINALLY it was time to line up. I downed some more white claw, grabbed my bouquet, and off we went…

But more on that later 🙂

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