How To Fast Track Your Mental Bounce Back

How to fast track your mental bounce back

So I know I mentioned last week that I had been feeling fairly sluggish. Traveling + big life events means lack of sleep and lots of emotions, which left me exhausted. Which is weird, because I expected to feel the exact opposite in this moment in time. We’re 31 days out from the wedding now (eeeek!), my bachelorette is next week, and I thought I’d be flying up in cloud 9 with no end in sight. Instead, I’m feeling a lot of anxieties popping up and it’s leaving me drained. And now I’m realizing, it’s not the big life events or lack of sleep that’s the issue. Perhaps partly, sure, but not the only. What’s really been dragging me down is my mindset. And, typically, when I’m running on low vibrations, I stay there. For a while. It can be SO hard to get out of it. But once you stop blaming it on outside forces, you can get to the bottom of what’s really going on and turn things around. Here’s how to fast track your mental bounce back:


If you’re tired and groggy and lack of sleep is part of what originally got you to this place, then the logical thing to do is prioritize getting MORE of it. Yet, for some reason, we tend to do the opposite. When I’m tired I’m more likely to give into cravings, less likely to be productive, and typically have a difficult time falling asleep, which makes me REAL anxious. It’s a vicious spiral and the best way out is to rest. Give yourself the time and space you need to make it happen.


I’ve been slacking hard on my calendar scheduling. Everyday I have a list of things to do, but in order to give some structure to my day I put them in my calendar so that I have a step-by-step plan. Lately, I’ve been winging it and just getting things done (or not getting anything done at all) when I get to it. Which is always later in the evening and means I go to bed later and get less sleep. See how this is all connecting? It’s like I subconsciously want to feel like shit or something… but I really think it just comes down to habits. If we make a habit of scheduling our days, sticking to those schedules and keeping promises to ourselves, the process will only get easier and easier. And if you fall off the wagon, just hop back on and keep going. 


Okay so this is a BIG one for me, and one I really don’t feel equipped to speak too much on since I am a self-proclaimed night owl, but it’s made such a difference for me that I have to mention it. A few weeks back I was in a great routine of waking around 6am and using the extra time to journal, read, meditate, or whatever the hell else I was into that day. The difference I felt in my mindset and productivity levels was undeniable, but then a trip knocked me out of it and I’ve had a hard time getting back. So, as I said above, if you fall off the wagon, down’t sweat it. Get back up and keep going. This morning I woke up at 6am for the first time in two weeks and I feel so damn good.

Also, side note, I’m about to start reading a book called The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma that’s all about the benefits of early rising. I listened to him speak on Rachel Brathen’s podcast, and I’d HIGHLY recommend you do the same. Will keep you updated on the book and on my early rising journey! 


Sometimes when you’re in a rut, all you really need is a moment to wallow. It can’t always be rainbows and butterflies and meditation and waking early and all the positive quotes you can think of. There’s gotta be natural highs and lows for us to be human, so if you’re in a low, know that it’s okay. The only way to go lower in the low is to beat yourself up. But if you acknowledge where you’re at, and remember that it will pass, you’re on your way up already. You may not be able to do every single thing you would normally do to be on your A-game, but don’t forget to do the things that truly make you feel good. Nourish your body, nourish your mind, rest and recover. 

I’ve been feeling so off these past couple of weeks and part of me feels so guilty because this should be such an incredibly happy and exciting time in my life. But just because I’ve been feeling a little low doesn’t mean that it isn’t. I can’t continuously be jumping up and down all giddy-like ready to run off and have this damn wedding. Real life is still happening in the in-between, which is well worth acknowledging. This isn’t the movies where we only see the big moments; this is life, where we look forward to the big stuff and nourish ourselves in the in-between. The highs and the lows, they’re all necessary and they all make up a beautiful life. And although it may seem like there’s no way up when you’re in the low, try to remember that it will pass. So long as you’re committed to your journey and yourself, you will move forward and brighter days will be just around the corner. And the better we get at doing that, the more we’ll be able to fast track our mental bounce back. 

What do you do to bounce back when you’re feeling low? Would love to hear your thoughts! 

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