My Full Hair Care Run Down

To be honest, I never really had a set routine for my hair up until about a year or so ago. I remember one summer, back when I took no care of my hair at all, a friend of mine asked me if she could borrow my heat protectant spray and I looked at her as if she’d just asked me the square root of *38M6%42@. It pains me to think I ever didn’t take proper care of my hair (ha, that rhymes), but what can I say? We live and we learn. And, better yet, my hair is still here to tell the tale. Here is my full hair care run down, with my favorite products and tools, that have helped me revive my locks back to (or should I say to better than) their original form- before all of the coloring, heat styling, etc.: 

  1. Everyone and their mother (and their grandmother) needs a good shampoo and conditioner. It’s important to pay attention to your hair because, believe it or not, it’s speaking to you. It’s constantly letting you know what its needs are, based on the reoccurring issues you’re experiencing with it. You can tune into this just by recognizing what your common complaints are and then remembering them long enough to do some research and see what’s recommended for you. Is your hair fine, medium or thick? Is it wavy, curly or straight? These will be some determining factors for your decision making process. For me, personally, I have fine stands and a lot of them. My hair gets weighed down pretty easily if I’m not careful, so I use a cleansing shampoo that I use twice each time, and then a heavy conditioning treatment that is designed to not weigh fine strands down. I do switch it up from time to time, with a purple conditioning treatment for my blonde, or whatever else I might be feeling that day (like a hair mask or something) but these are pretty much my usual go-to’s:

*Davines Oi Shampoo (use a small amount first on scalp, rinse, then normal amount all the way through to clean more thoroughly)

*Davines Melu Conditioner 

*Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Purple Conditioner 

*Davines Miracle Conditioner  

2. Once out of the shower, hair still wet, I immediately apply a leave in conditioner and heat protectant. Make sure to check that whatever products you’re using provide both features, since some only provide one or the other and both are very important- if you plan on heat styling, that is. Otherwise you can just stick with a leave in conditioner. Here are my favorites as of late:

*In Common Magic Myst Spray (leave in conditioner + heat protectant) 

*Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream (leave in conditioner) 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using a wide-tooth comb to brush your wet hair, since this is when it’s in its most vulnerable state. Be super nice to it and brush from the bottom of your strands, up, to avoid damage (do this anytime you brush your hair, dry or wet). This is the one I’ve been using:

*Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Comb

3. From here, I let my hair air dry. If you don’t have time, no worries, just blow dry and move onto the next step. Either way, you’ll end up with the blow dryer and a round brush. I know there’s a super fancy way to do a blow-out, but I basically just run the ceramic-coated brush through my hair with the blow dryer on it all the way through to relax my curls and make it easier to style. Plus I feel like this gives some extra volume, which I NEED. Here’s the round brush and blow dryer I use and love:

*GHD Air Hair Dryer

*T3 Volume Round Hair Brush

4. Once my hair is dried and blown out, I take a straight iron and quickly run it over my roots and face framing pieces. These areas always keep a little curl, so I do what I can to smooth them to make the finishing look a little more polished. After this, I curl my hair. I use a regular curling iron with a 1.25 barrel. I work my way from back to front, curling small sections of hair in the direction away from my face. I begin in the middle of the strands and keep the ends out of each one. This gives it a more undone, lived in look- which I’m all about. My hair straightener and curling iron can be found here:

*BabylissPRO Nano Titanium 1″ Straightening Iron

*T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Curling Iron 

5. Once I’m done curling I’ll usually finish off with a little texture spray throughout the middle of my strands and a hair oil on the ends. For upkeep, I do the same thing only I add dry shampoo as the first step. Dry shampoo the roots, texture the middle, oil at the ends. And voila! Perfect hair for days 1,2,3,4… whatever your preference lol. Here’s my favorites for each product:

*Prose Dry Shampoo (love this one because it’s clean and doesn’t use aerosol)

*IGK Beach Club Texture Spray 

*Oi Hair Oil (this will legitimately last you forever)

6. Some last tips I’ll share: 

-Try to wash your hair as little as possible. This keeps the heat styling to a minimum, plus you’ll save lots of $$ on product. I typically wash and heat style about twice a week.

-When you do wash, I’d recommend a scrubbing tool to aid in the shampooing/cleansing like this one.

-At the end of your shower, try blasting cold water on your hair (and body) for a few seconds. This has many benefits for the entire body, but for hair specifically, it helps lock in moisture and tightens hair follicles (resulting in less hair loss). It also helps your hair look shinier, which is always a plus. 

-For regular brushing I’d recommend a paddle brush. And for up-do’s I’d recommend sticking with a non-damaging hair tie when possible, like these. Also! A silk pillow case helps to keep frizz and breakage at bay.

And that’s it- my full hair care run down. I only cut my hair about 4 times a year and color about twice a year, so I try to get as much longevity out of each session as possible. I also just want my hair to be as healthy as it possibly can be at all times, which is great motivation to always try new things and see what works best. It’s become one of my favorite forms of self care, and I think my hair would say the same. 

What are you favorite hair care tips? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. I’m literally working on my hair right now continuously finding other ways to help. I’m gonna need to get the silk pillow case! I’ve heard good things about doing that! Miss you and your blog is amazing boo!

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